Show and hide axes

To show or hide the axes for a particular object right click on it in the Object Explorer and select Show Axes or Hide Axes in the context menu (see also how to display the context menu directly from the 3D scene). The axes are also hidden when the Hide All option of the sequence or the Hide All Objects option of the category are selected.

The Show Axes option shows a set of axes for the object surface and a set of axes for the dot sets of the object.

The X, Y, Z axes are shown depending on the settings Enable X Axis, Enable Y Axis, and Enable Z Axis of the 3D Model Settings.

The color of the axes is defined with the property Axes Color of the 3D Model settings.

Each axis is labeled with the length of the object along that axis (measured in the unit of measure of the sequence).

The axes are updated to reflect the object changes when the Update option of the object is selected. They are also updated when the Update All option of the sequence/category/object is selected.

In the Figure 1, the X, Y and Z axes of an object are shown.


Figure 1: X, Y, Z axes in the 3D model.