Smoothing parameters

To fine tune 3D smoothing parameters of an object, select the value Custom in the Smoothing property of the object. There appears the dialog box shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1: Smoothing parameters. 

The smoothing process is similar to sand downing an object. The field Smoothing Factor determines the kind of sandpaper, while the field Number of Iterations determines the time expended sand downing the object. The larger the Smoothing Factor, the smoother the object and also, of course, the larger the Number of Iterations, the smoother the object. In general, as in the analogy with sand downing, using a small value for Smoothing Factor and, eventually, a high value for the Number of Iterations may yield better results than using a large value for Smoothing Factor. On the other hand, using a large Number of Iterations may take long computation time when generating 3D reconstructions.