Step two: Select image files

In this step, select the slice images to be included in the sequence. All selected image files are copied to the sequence directory, thus it is not necessary to keep them after the sequence has been created.

Figure 1: Sequence Creation Wizard Step 2.

The field Browse specifies the directory were images are located. Once a valid directory is selected, the image files are listed on the field Available images as shown in Figure 1. Select the images to be included in the sequence and click Add. This adds the selected image from Available images to the Selected images box as in Figure 2. Alternatively, do this by double-clicking on the desired image.

Figure 2: Images selected for the sequence are displayed on the right.

Each image in the Selected images box represents a slice of the sequence. If some of the slices are comprised of several images and it is necessary to build a mosaic, it is convenient to store the images of each slice in a separate directory. This way, complete directories to the Selected  images box can be added and BioVis3D creates a composite slice with all the images of that directory. In the example of Figure 3, slices 7, 8, and 9 are created with the images found in the subdirectories compositeSlice000007, compositeSlice000008, and compositeSlice000007 respectively.

Figure 3: Selection of images to build a mosaic.

Buttons Move Up and Move Down move the selected image on the Selected images box. The order of the images in the Selected images box is very important as it is interpreted by BioVis3d as the spatial order of slices in the stack.

Note that all these operations apply also when more than one image is selected.

The button Remove deletes the selected image from Selected images.

See also: previous step, next step, sequence creation.