Step one: Sequence directory and file name

In this step, select the directory where you want to create the sequence and the sequence name. Two fields must be filled in: Directory and Sequence Name.

Figure 1: Sequence Creation Wizard Step one.

Directory: Select an existing base directory where BioVis3D will create a subdirectory under the name of the sequence to store all sequence files.

Sequence Name: Select a name for the sequence. BioVis3D will create a subdirectory under this name and store all sequence files in it. Among other files, BioVis3d copies  the original image files to this directory, so it is not necessary to keep them after the sequence has been created.

The field File to be created shows the full path to the main sequence file to be created. This field is built in the following way: “Directory\Sequence Name\Sequence.b3d”

After the directory and sequence name have been selected, click Next to advance to the following step.

See also: next step, sequence creation.