Step three: Sequence properties

In this step, the pixel size of the images, the distance between each slice, the unit of measure which is being used, and the image type must be specified.  

Figure 1: Sequence Creation Wizard Step 3.

Fields Pixel Size (x) and Pixel Size (y) determine the pixel size. In some cases the pixel size of the images can be obtained directly from the acquisition devices, in other cases, it may be necessary to take a picture of a sample of known size and use Load from images to compute the pixel size from said picture.

The field Distance Between Consecutive Slices (Z) is the distance between consecutive slices, which must be the same for all slices. This information, together with the pixel size, determine the aspect ratio of 3D objects and make it possible to take precise measures of them.  

The field Unit of Measure selects the unit of measure of the pixel size and the distance between consecutive slices. This is also the default unit in which  the measures taken are expressed (it can be changed at any time, later).

The field Image type can have one of two values: Color or Gray images. This is independent of the actual kind of image. There may be color images but it may be decided to work with them in gray tones in order to make them lighter.

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