BioVis3D user interface

Figure 1 shows the main components of the user interface of BioVis3D.  

Figure 1: The User Interface.  

Slice View or 2D View

In a 2D View (see Figure 1), also called a Slice View,  all tasks that attain a specific slice are performed. For example, delimiting objects by contours, registering a slice, and building mosaics. Several 2D Views may be opened at the same time.

3D View

In the 3D View (see Figure 1), all 3D models that were created with BioVis3D are visualized and operated.

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar contains all main menus of the application where there are several commands and tools. For example the File main menu contains options to open and save a sequence, among others.

Figure 2: The Menu Bar.


The Toolbar contains buttons that provide short access to many commands and tools. The precise buttons available on the Toolbar depend on the context where the user is working. For example when the 3D View is active there will be different buttons as when a 2D View is active.

Figure 3: The Toolbar.

Object Explorer

The Object Explorer shows the objects of a sequence organized in categories. When a slice view is active, it also shows the contours and dot sets of every object in the slice. By default the Object Explorer panel will be on the top left corner of the BioVis3D main window as in Figure 1.

Slice List

The Slice List panel shows the list of all the slices of the sequence (number and time of the last modification) and provides the interface to open, add, delete and reorder slices. By default the Slice List panel is on the right of the BioVis3D main window as in Figure 1.

Property Panel

The Property Panel shows and allows edition of several properties of different kinds of elements found in BioVis3D, like sequence properties, object properties, and contour properties. The Property Panel is located by default at the bottom-left corner of the BioVis3D main window as in Figure 1.

See also: sequence properties, category properties, object properties, contour properties, dot set properties.