This function allows to add annotations to the sequence and its elements (categories, objects, dot sets, etc.); add annotations to the measures taken in the 3D View (segments and angles) and to the points of interest selected in the 3D View.

Annotations can be shared and exchanged between collaborators and students. This is done by exporting/importing annotations between BioVis3D and BioVis3D Viewer.

The Annotation Panel shows the annotations made to the sequence and its elements and it allows to add, modify, delete, show and hide annotations. To show and hide the Annotation Panel, select the option Annotations from the View main menu.

The Annotation includes the following information:

The annotation information is entered in the form shown in Figure 1. 


Figure 1: Annotation form.

See also: Annotation Panel, Export to BioVis3D Viewer, Import Annotations