Export to BioVis3D Viewer

BioVis3D exports the sequence information, annotations, slices' images and 3D models as required, into BioVis3D Viewer.

The export copies several files to a folder selected by the user. This folder can be distributed as required (to one or several computers depending on the instances of BioVis3D Viewer being used), while keeping its content unchanged. The main file is SequenceViewerExport.b3d, which is the one that is opened / imported by BioVis3D Viewer.

To export a sequence, select the Export to BioVis3D Viewer option from the File main menu, select the information to be exported and the folder where files will be copied (the folder has to be empty).

A sequence and its information can be exported to BioVis3D Viewer several times to reflect changes made to it; for example, if new 3D models are built, or annotations are added or modified. In this way, collaborative work is promoted, since colleagues, scientists and students can exchange 3D models and annotate them.

See also: Annotations, Import Annotations