Record Movie

This function records a movie that includes the actions taken in the 3D View. This includes showing, hiding, making objects semi-transparent, slicing objects, translating, rotating and scaling the 3D scene, and all the actions done in the 3D View.

The movie resolution (the height and width) depends on the size of the 3D View. To get the highest possible resolution use the full screen mode of the 3D View. In this way, high resolution movies can be generated depending on the computerís display resolution.

The quality of the movie may be high (no compression) or low (compression applied). The first one produces significantly larger movie files. See Figure 1 which shows the Record movie dialog.


Figure 1: Record movie dialog.

The status bar changes its color while the movie is being recorded.

The timing of the movie is approximately the timing of the recording, depending on the actions taken, since popup menus and dialogs shown during the recording are not included in the movie.

Third party software like Windows Live Movie Maker from Microsoft Corporation (included in the Windows operating system) can be used to include labels and to freely edit the movie.

Note: We have detected that, when using Windows 7 and Windows Media Player the video is shown in black due to the codecs used by Windows Media Player. To avoid this, use a free player such as Real Player from RealNetworks Inc.

To use this function:

The options to start and to stop the recording are also available in the 3D Model main menu.