Add new slice

To add a new slice at the end of a sequence click   which appears on the top of the Slice List Panel. Alternatively, right click on any slice in the Slice List Panel and select Add new slice from the context menu.

There appears a dialog box to select an image file for the new slice. If the slice to be added is comprised of more than one image, select any of them. Add more images to a slice from the mosaic editing tool. Once the image has been selected, there appears a dialog box to specify the image pixel size, as shown in Figure 1.  

Figure 1: Image properties.

The default values are the same values as the ones defined for the sequence. If these values are not correct, they can be edited manually by selecting a unit of measure and editing the fields Pixel Size (X) and Pixel Size (Y). If the precise values for these fields are unknown, use the button Load from image to obtain the pixel size from an image that contains an object of known size. See Obtaining the pixel size from an image, for specific instructions.

The pixel size specified in the dialog  of Figure 1 applies only to the particular slice being added, all other slices will keep their own pixel size unchanged. When a sequence has images with different pixel sizes, BioVis3D scales each image appropriately to show them coherently.

Click OK to add the slice to the end of the sequence and open the new slice.