Image properties

Image properties are related to the images that comprise a slice. Usually each slice consists of one single image, but a slice can be built from several overlapped images using the mosaic tool. In the latter case, each image has its own independent set of properties.

The image properties are displayed in the Property Panel when a slice is opened, possibly together with other properties depending on the selection in the Object Explorer. In Figure 1, the image properties of a slice are shown in the Property Panel below the object properties of the object "Brain" selected in the Object Explorer.


Figure 1: Image Properties.  

Pixel Size Property

This property shows the size of the pixel of an image as a pair of numbers that defines the size in the horizontal and vertical directions respectively. The pixel size of the images and the distance between slices determine the aspect ratio of the 3D model and allows for taking measures, thus, make sure this information is entered correctly. Usually, all the images have the same pixel size. In this case, the easiest way to manage the pixel size of the images is by using the Pixel Size property of the sequence (see Sequence Properties.) However, when the images of a sequence have been taken with different resolutions, the Pixel Size property can be entered independently for each image at the moment an image is added to a mosaic (see Add an image to a mosaic), or when a slice is added to the sequence (see Add new slice). BioVis3D scales images appropriately to show them consistently.