Save sequence

To save a sequence select the option Save Sequence from the File main menu. Alternatively, use the button from the Toolbar.

Important compatibility notice: BioVis3D Version 3.1 opens sequences saved under previous versions of BioVis3D. Please note that previous versions of BioVis3D do not have the capability of opening a sequence saved under the new BioVis3D 3.1 format. In order to work with a sequence created on a previous version of BioVis3D with the version 3.1 and also with a previous version at the same time, copy the folder of the sequence and its contents into a new location and label accordingly.

E.g. A sequence created under version 3.0 and located in the "sequence of the brain” folder. To continue working with that sequence created under version 3.0, and start working with it using version 3.1 at the same time, copy the "sequence of the brain” folder and its contents to a new folder labeled “sequence of the brain v3.1” and work with each version in the corresponding folder. To work with the sequence only with the new version 3.1, just open it from the "sequence of the brain” folder.