The zoom tool is present in all 2D edition tools, namely Automatic contour detection, Contour and dot set edition, Slice alignment, and Mosaic.  It is important to notice that all BioVis3D features are fully functional at any level of zoom, thus, the zoom tool helps with the visualization and the operation of the piece of data the user is working with (e.g. a contour, a slice, an image of a mosaic)

As soon as a slice is opened, a zoom factor is applied to make it fit the window. The applied zoom factor is shown in the Zoom Factor Combo Box as illustrated in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Zoom factor combo box and Zoom In/Out buttons on both sides.

To perform a Zoom In or Zoom Out operation, click on one of the Zoom In or Zoom Out buttons on both sides of the Zoom Factor combo box. Or select a specific zoom factor from the list displayed in the combo box when the down arrow button on its right is pressed. See Figure 2.


Figure 2: Selection of a zoom factor from the combo box.

Alternatively, change directly the zoom factor by editing the value presented on the combo box and pressing Enter or Tab (it is not necessary to insert the % symbol at the end; the number is enough).

There is another way to perform a zoom in or zoom out operation. Select the Zoom tool  from the Toolbar (shown on the left extreme of the Toolbar in Figure 1). This changes the mouse cursor, showing a small magnifying glass. Left click on the slice to perform a zoom in operation. Right click on the slice to open a context menu with the following options: 200%, 100%, 50%, 25%, Zoom In, or Zoom Out.